THINKLER helps businesses, charities and social enterprises rethink and reframe their mission. Our aim is to bring fresh thinking to the challenges facing clients and help them to create, iterate, innovate and disrupt in often crowded arenas so that they can offer great products, services and experiences for their audiences.



What we do

THINKLER challenges traditional thinking to help charities
find and deploy iterative, innovative and disruptive solutions.


Peter Drucker famously said, ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast.’ So if you’re thinking about your strategy it’s a good idea to evaluate your culture too, so that you can create the best possible environment for success. Thinkler can support your strategic thinking by providing a framework that encourages innovative approaches to business.



To deliver an effective plan of action, designed to promote and sell a product or service, you need to consider the Market, the Message and the Media. We can help with framing who you are talking to, what to say and how to say it so that your strategy has the right impact. Having a good product or service doesn’t guarantee market success, but with the right approach you can drive sales.


If you are looking to design a new product or service, or reinvent your business model, it’s a good idea to take a design thinking approach. This approach gets you to Minimum Viable Product so that you can test the market before committing major investment. Whether you’re looking at incremental, breakthrough, new venture, or business model innovation, we can take you through the design steps.



Project management isn’t just oversight – it’s delivering a desired outcome, on time and on budget. We believe that we can add value to your business. Our particular expertise in is managing digital projects – website builds, app development and digital transformation – to help your business or charity leverage new technologies.


Here at Thinkler we love WordPress. More than that, we love to get the very best out of  WordPress using the best possible themes and plugins to meet your business needs. It may surprise you to know that, if you count only the CMS-built sites, about 60% of them are WordPress and over 400 million people visit these sites each month.




Interim management can be seen as the short-term appointment of a proven senior executive to manage a period of transition, crisis or change within an organisation. We think it’s more than that. Interim management may be short term, but we think it’s important to be just as passionate and effective as a full time manager or leader.

Our Skills

We have made a personal investment in knowledge and skills over a long period of time. Ongoing investment is part of our success story. It is not so much about training, but rather about embracing a learning culture. We encourage our clients to do the same if they have an appetite for success and want to shape the future.









There is plenty of time left to do something special. It is a personal investment of time and effort, and sometimes sacrifice, but it will be worth it in the long run.

If you want to shape your own future and don’t know where to start, get in touch with us to find out how we’re helping other organisations develop a learning, creative culture.


We are used to dealing with the media and have built up considerable experience by  taking every opportunity engage through television, radio and print channels.

Interview with Ben Thompson and Aaron Heslehurst about piracy and abandonment of seafarers and how the international community needs to take responsibility.


Business Breakfast, 2016

Interview with Sky News and BBC following conversations with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at the Patron’s Lunch, marking the Queen’s 90th birthday.

Sky News

Patrons Lunch, 2016

30th Anniversary of the Herald of Free Enterprise Disaster. Remembrance service in Dover to honour the lives lost and to receive the ship’s bell, which was salvaged by divers.

Daily Mail

March, 2017

Invited by Lord Pickles and Lord Blunkett to contribute to the publication as a Best Practice Representative within the charity sector, as CEO of Sailors’ Society in its 200th year.

The Parliamentary Review

Best Practice Representative, 2019

Let's Do Something Special

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